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Friday, February 12, 2010

I wanna be in Vancouver right now!!

Yay! The winter Olympics started tonight!!! I'm enjoying the opening ceremony celebration while I'm typing. I haven't seen Sarah Mclaughlin in forever! I don't think she has come out with a new album, other than a Christmas album in a long time. I used to love her and went to all of the Lilith Fairs just to see her play. I'm now inspired to pull her up on my i-pod collection and have a listen. And after quickly looking up Lilith Fair online, I just realized they are bringing it back for 2010!! Luck for me (my husband not so much), it is coming to San Francisco!! Yeah, come to think of it, I'll make it a girl's event!!
Seriously, as I'm watching the opening celebration, I'm totally amazed at all the work that they must put into this event. Everything is beautiful, precisely choreographed and downright entertaining.
Training is going well this week. I've logged in the 5K on Sunday, 4 miles on Wednesday, 2 miles on Thursday and another 4 miles today. I'm running the most I've ever one at one time, 6 miles on Sunday!! I'm ready!!!
Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays!! We are staying in this year. I'm making my husband a nice V-Day brunch of mimosas, waffles and eggs after my run. And then, I'm making a nice dinner (haven't decided what yet, any ideas?) with a good red wine.


  1. Can I join you on your trip to Vancouver? We went there to visit old friends two summers ago and are loving seeing sights we visited! Enjoy your Valentines Day meal!

  2. Good job on getting those runs in :)
    Yeah, Vancouver would be nice right now...have a nice Valentine's Day!