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Monday, March 29, 2010

10K Race Report/Weekend Report

Big weekend!!!
Friday night at around 9:00PM, we welcomed Ari Benjamin into the world, I am now a lucky aunt of three nephews. First was Solomon (my sister's first son), second Lionel (my sister's second son) and now Ari (my sister-in-law's first son). Very exciting time for the Chassy family!!
Sunday morning marked my first 10K race!!! The Morgan Hill Wildflower Run. My husband and I drove down from our place to Morgan Hill (about 45 minutes) to get there in time for the 10K start of 9:00AM. We had already registered, but picked up our t-shirts (really scary btw, a dark turquoise blue, oh well) and then I headed over to the start for the 10K, my husband didn't start the 5K until 15 minutes later.
Comparing the two races (my first being the San Francisco Kaiser Permanente 5K) with this race.
Here are the pluses to this race and my overall experience.
1. Less People!!!! No bobbing and weaving at the start and we ran on local roads that were blocked off from traffic, so I had PLENTY of room to spread out and enjoy the race and the scenery a lot more.
2. Mile Markers at every mile. This was a huge plus (I'll explain later). Plus at each mile there were volunteers cheering us on, a very nice touch.
3. Water stations at about every mile and a half.
4. Free Jamba Juice smoothies at the finish!!!
5. I was happy with my time!! I finished with a time of 58:40, not a bad pace!!

The Minuses were minimal:
1. I forgot to turn on my Garmin and realized it about 1 mile into the race! And, I didn't reset from my last run and didn't realize that until the race was over. I was so upset with myself. I was so excited to have the Garmin for this race to track my pace, etc. and I totally missed out!!
2. The crappy T-shirts....Oh well

Overall, I enjoyed the race and would be happy to run it again next year. I especially enjoyed the fact that it was a small race and there was plenty of room on the road.


  1. I like the pluses! Those would work for me too! I might like the shirt but not if it is too dark. I would love the smoothie! Congratulations!

  2. Congrats on the race and on the new addition auntie!

  3. Very nice time there. I'm itching for a sub-60 10k.

    Jamba Juice at the end? Nice.

  4. During my first (and to date, only) marathon last year, my Garmin failed me, too. I was very far away from home and the stupid thing WOULD NOT calculate distance or speed. I was so mad. UG. Oh well.
    I know how you feel though.
    Congrats on a great race!

    Hey! We live close! I'm in Los Gatos!

  5. Congrats on finishing your first 10K with a great time and on the birth of little Ari! Jamba Juice at the finish sounds perfect!

  6. congrats on your finish -- great race report -- I love race reports!!!

  7. there's a shout out to you on my blog :-)