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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Yeah, I've never heard of the stuff either, before reading about it in the book I mentioned in my previous blog. I decided to take a look online, it basically looks like a man's deodorant stick, but is supposed to do wonders for those long runs that are facing me later in my training. Haven't broken down yet to make the purchase, but I would really like to avoid blisters at all costs! Which brings me to the next thing on my running gear purchase list, a few good pairs of synthetic runner's socks. These are supposed to be another key to comfortable runs during training. According to most serious runners, cotton is the enemy when it comes to anything related to what you wear while running.
I have so much to learn, but I figure I need to read up now, so I won't be down for the count later on with blisters and chafing.
Did another 3 miles today and found some good stretches to do after my run. Apparently, stretching is only good when your muscles are warm.
So far so good for day two of training.


  1. I was able to find some Pro Spirit brand socks at Target (they say "duodry" on them) and they are a cotton blend. I used them when I walked my last 2 half marathons and they worked really well. It's true--cotton anything will give you blisters if you go much further than 6 miles--t-shirts, shorts, socks, etc. Your long runs will be good for figuring out what is comfortable.

  2. Oh boy! first of all, thanks for dropping by my blog! And following! I have been catching up on yours!

    Now, body glide IS OUR FRIEND! I have forgotten it before and paid severely for it. I put it around my bra line top and bottom, around the upper chest and then around the band on the bottom. One time I forgot and literally rubbed a mole off. Gross I know, you can read about that on my blog, Strangest Running Injury Ever. I also put it on my arm pits where the bra rubs. Then after rubbing the skin off my ankle during a half marathon I learned the hard way to put it around my ankle under a timing chip if it is not one that goes on the shoe. I still have a scar from that, my first half marathon ever! Some poeple put it on thier inner thighs. for me, anything over 10 miles and I use the body glide. You will figure it out! :) good luck!

  3. Body Glide is awesome, and you will only ever forget it once on a long run. I only put it on my inner thighs, but I know people use it in a lot of other places too. Anywhere that rubs. It does leave stains on clothes eventually, but it is well worth it.