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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ross Stores and TJ Maxx Rock!!

After reading up about necessary running equipment on many fellow bloggers pages, I decided to go check out the discount stores for some running gear. All I have to say is, WOW!!! I found some great stuff at CHEAP prices!!
After running in some cotton shirts a few times, I think I learned my lesson. NO MORE!! It is especially uncomfortable when I'm running inside on the mill. Not to be gross, but the sweat goes no where, it just hangs out right on my body. Disgusting!
Ross had the better selection, I got an Adidas white response tee for $12, a pair of Adidas lycra capri's, an Adidas running hat for only $6 and asics and new balance synthetic material running socks. The new balance running socks were only $2 a pair !!!!! Granted, they weren't red like the photo, they were lime green, but who cares!!! I got a new balance l/s tech tee and an Avia short sleeve tech tee at TJ's. TJ's had much better active selection for men, so I bought my husband a tech tee for $7. I was most excited about my running socks and hat find. You see, I have had all one length hair for the longest time and recently I got it layered and took the plunge with bangs. It has proven to be so annoying to run with bangs, without keeping them out of my face. I've tried the goodie elastic headbands and they fall right off my head the minute I start running. So, I have been wearing regular baseball hats. Problem with those is that they just end up getting drenched in sweat, again with the cotton thing. So, I'm super excited to try out my new running hat!!!!!
Needless to say, I will be returning to both of these treasure troves more often when I need to pick up more running gear. Thanks to all of you fellow bloggers who tipped me off to this great discovery!!
Today is cross-train day, I think I'm going to go for a walk, it's not raining in the bay area today!! First time all week. I know, I know, at least it hasn't been snowing :)


  1. All TJ Maxx are not created equal so if there is more than one in your area check them out. I have one that has much better Active wear than the other.

  2. You found some great deals! I bought some great $13 running shorts at Marshall's today! Finding deals is like going on a treasure hunt!

  3. Sounds like you found some bargains! I too am a dreadfully sweaty runner. In fact, there are times when I am downright gross! I understand how you feel on your treadmill runs, except my sweat seems to fling off onto either the walls or other people. It's a wonder no one wants to run near me..... :)

  4. Congrats on the gear scores! Who knew? Not me!

  5. The Hamptons that my half are at is Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. I have a feeling that isn't what you were thinking.

  6. The best hat ever is the one made my HALO. If you go to a big race expo they are usually there. I have 2 headbands made by HALO for under my cycling helmet then I transition to running hat made by them.....AWESOME.