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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Marathon Quest 250

Canadian Martin Parnell is attempting a huge goal. 250 marathons in the year 2010!! The best thing about it is that he has raised and is still raising money to reach a goal of $250K to support the charity Right to Play for kids. His plan is to do 5 marathons a week! That is some serious determination! What a great story! A guy who is doing what he loves: running, all the while supporting a good charity that he believes in.

As I become more and more involved in my training and what exactly it means to become a part of the running community. The more I read, listen to podcasts and observe, the more inspiring stories and lives I come across. These types of stories are just what I need to keep on my schedule and work towards my own, small, but substantial for me, goals!!

3.5 miles on the mill came easy today. I played around with speedwork a little bit. Nothing too heavy, but it helped to make the time go faster.


  1. Forgot to say, click on the blog title "marathon Quest 250" to check out his website and how you can donate to his charity.

  2. Wow! That is amazing! i can't imagine! I struggle to hit 30 miles a week! Much less 100!!!

  3. If I just go up and down for each song on my Ipod it makes it go faster. I "can't" look at my distance run for so many songs or take a walk break for so many songs. Whatever it takes on the treadmill to survive it.

  4. Wow what a lofty goal! Best of luck to him!
    Glad you enjoyed your TM workout!

  5. Check out this post. You have been tagged.